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Instant booking

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You can still gain your personal licence with CPL.

In light of the on-going situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to postpone our face-to-face courses. However, you can still complete your training and gain your qualification with a fully online experience. Choose your course from the selection below, and we will do the rest.

Service Plan

Major variation:

£600+vat plus disbursements

Minor variation:

£325+vat plus disbursements

Variation – Change of Designated Premises Supervisor:

£90+vat plus the council application fee


Once you hold a premises licence you may need to vary that licence.

There are several types of variation:

  • Change of Designated Premises Supervisor – this is where you have a manager (or yourself) listed as Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) on the premises licence; they or you may be leaving and so you will need to specify another personal licence holder as DPS on the premises licence.
  • A minor variation – It is possible to make small changes to your premises licence or club premises certificate through the minor variation process, which is cheaper, easier and quicker than the full variation process. But this does not include variations concerning alcohol. An example of a minor variation is the transfer of a licence, which is most commonly used upon the sale of a business, this application is made to change the holder of the premises licence.
  • A major variation – such as an increase in the hours you wish to sell alcohol, or a structural alteration to the licensed area.

If you want us to make a variation application for you then call the licensing team on 01509 279169 or email your enquiry to

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