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Thursday, 06 July 2017

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Top 10 Tequila Cocktails

Thursday, 06 July 2017

Article Image 06 July 2017

The great thing about tequila is that it can be added to just about any drink and is almost guaranteed to make it even tastier. Tequila Day is celebrated on 24th July, so we thought that, for the occasion, we’d tell you our favourite tequila cocktails varying from popular to under-the-radar, to help you change up your drinks menu!

  1. Long Island Iced Tea – this renowned cocktail is famous for its unusual combination of spirits, and its surprisingly satisfying taste. Check out the recipe here.
  2. Paloma – known as Mexico’s most loved cocktail, this drink is served on the rocks, the sweet fruity taste of this beverage is guaranteed to give your customers a refreshing kick of flavour. The full recipe is here.
  3. Sour Apple Margarita – this tangy cocktail is a sour twist on the popular ‘Margarita’ and is fairly easy to make! It’ll cause a great demand on your revamped drinks menu… Here’s the full recipe: Click!
  4. Watermelon Sugar – with a syrupy taste and a summery appearance this tequila-based drink is perfect for drinking in the sun. Check out the full recipe here.
  5. Tequila Sunrise – the vibrant appearance of the cocktail is no secret to how it tastes, the sweet and fruity flavours make it a perfect choice for a summer beverage. Find the recipe here.
  6. Vampira – created by adding a dash of hot sauce, this mild cocktail is designed for those who enjoy a relatively spicy drink! Try out the full recipe here.
  7. Brave Bull – this simple cocktail is made very simply by mixing coffee liqueur and tequila, and it tastes incredible! Check out the step by step video here.
  8. Salty Chihuahua – a cocktail that is this refreshing and straightforward to make is bound to be a big hit in the summertime. Why not try it out? Click here.
  9. El Diablo – this tasty cocktail will certainly go down a treat on your drinks menu. Who wouldn’t want to try a drink with a name that translates to ‘The Devil?’ Take a look at the recipe here.
  10. Patrón Perfect Cosmo Cocktail – this beverage promises a burst of fruity flavours and a thirst-quenching taste that makes it the perfect summer cocktail. The full recipe is here.

Hopefully, our Top 10 Tequila Cocktails have inspired you to celebrate and offer a one off tequila cocktail menu to your customers in honour of Tequila Day – it’ll be sure to be a success!