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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

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Beer and Food Pairings – Father’s Day

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Article Image 13 June 2017

Since Father’s Day is coming up, a great way to impress your customers is to recommend beer to complement their favourite meal. Previously, we told you our Top 3 Classic Father’s Day Meals, and to top it off, we’re going to tell you about the beers we think would pair with them best.

  1. Egg and Chips

    As egg and chips is a pretty simple meal, a great way to add more flavour would be by pairing it with a suitable beverage - we would recommend a pale beer.

    A great pairing would be a wheat beer – we suggest Titanic’s ‘Iceberg.’ The pale gold beverage has a burst of citrus flavour, and the sharp taste would complement the meal well.

    Another great match for egg and chips would be an IPA, such as Phoenix ‘West Coast IPA.’ West Coast IPA is another citrusy beer, with a hoppy scent and a bittersweet taste – served with Egg & Chips, it would certainly go down a treat.

  2. Steak and Chips

    For steak and chips; with a rich beef flavour, a darker beer would be perfect.

    We recommend Purple Moose’s ‘Dark Side of the Moose.’ The dark bitter ale has a treacly scent with a deliciously crisp taste to top it off, you can’t go wrong with a full-bodied unsweetened beer with a serving of your favourite steak.

    Another ideal complement for steak would be St Peter’s ‘Old Style Porter.’ Served in an English pint, this dark nut-brown beer has a chocolatey aroma that is no mystery to how it tastes – a mixture of old ale, and younger ale, this beer matches steak fantastically.

  3. Roast Dinner

    With a roast dinner, you can have any beer essentially, but we believe that a best bitter would lend itself wonderfully.

    A great best bitter that would be a perfect pairing is Fuller’s ‘ESB.’ With a deep chestnut appearance and a powerful fruity aroma, the beverage has an intense marmalade bitterness that would match a roast chicken dinner wonderfully.

    Another ideal pairing for a roast dinner would be Oakham’s ‘JHB.’ The renowned pale and blonde beer has a fruity scent that is balanced out by the layers of bitter taste and mellow fruity flavours.

Here at CPL, we offer a beer styles course that improves your understanding of food and beer pairings, to improve customer experience in your venue. Hopefully, our pairings have encouraged you to upskill your knowledge on beer styles before the busy period. Cheers!