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Thursday, 05 October 2017

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6 Ways to Spook Up Your Halloween Cocktails

Thursday, 05 October 2017

Article Image 05 October 2017

It’s almost Halloween! Anybody can offer a one-off Halloween drinks menu, it’s all about setting yours aside from competitors. Here are a few tricks we think could help:

- Running late and haven’t bought any fake blood? Prepare it yourself by combining corn syrup and red food colouring - you can pour it around the edge of your glass as an easy way to add something unique to the presentation of your drinks!

- The more realistic the décor, the better. Make jelly with a twist… replace half of the water with alcohol and then insert it into clean syringes and place them into the cocktail glasses to make them look like blood samples… Your customers can take the shot from the syringe, as well as it looking scarily brilliant in the glass! Take a look...

- If you’re making a punch bowl, it’s a good idea to add ice. Why not get creative? Pour water into a latex glove and leave it in your freezer for 24 hours. Once you remove the glove, you’ll have a hand-shape ice cube – a brilliant way to impress (or creep out) your customers. Try it!

- A great way to impress your clientele is to add edible accessories to your drinks. You could purchase some black liquorice laces and hang them over the edge of the glass so that they look like spiders legs. Or even pop a few gummy worms, fake teeth or blackberries in the glass – don’t forget, presentation is important too!

- Why be predictable? Spice up your cocktails by adding food dye to your water before pouring it into your ice cube tray and make coloured ice cubes! It’s a simple but effective way to put a twist on your drinks!

- Go the extra mile to show your customers you care by adding something impressive like dry ice to your cocktails before they’re served to give off that ‘smoking’ effect. It looks nifty but remember to follow the safety precautions during the preparation… Read about them here. Inspired to change up the presentation of your drinks? It will leave your customers with a lasting impression by exceeding their expectations during the busy period. Give it a go!