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Monday, 03 October 2016

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A Training Opportunity for Both Large and Small Pubcos

Monday, 03 October 2016

Article Image 03 October 2016

With the introduction of the Statutory Pubs Code on 21st July, pubcos operating 500 or more pubs have endured a busy period in recent weeks. As they quickly adjusted their business processes to adhere to the new regulations, large pubcos have also seen a change to their learning and development procedures.

Under the Pubs Code, business and area development managers are now required to undertake appropriate training every 12-months, to ensure licensees are receiving sound and contemporary advice on profitable business practices.

Although adhering to ‘appropriate training’ could come in many forms, it’s important for pubcos to view this requirement as a fundamental part of their learning and development processes, and not just a case of ticking a box.

It goes without saying that the role of a business or area development manager requires a diverse set of skills and plenty of experience in the field. They are the crucial piece of the jigsaw to grow and develop a company’s tenanted and leased pubs. As a challenging role, to say the least, managers would benefit from a continuous training scheme, which prepares them for the role and expands their skillset.

The Multiple Licensed Premises Management (MLPM) course is a vocational and transferrable Level 4 qualification (equivalent to a Foundation degree or Higher National Diploma). Not only is it the most applicable course for business and area development managers working for large pubcos, it’s also highly recommended for any individual managing multiple licensed premises.

Daniel Thwaites, which has an estate of more than 280 pubs and is not affected by the newly introduced Pubs Code, has used the MLPM course to train staff in other roles. Thwaites’ Recruitment Manager, Rachel Crossland, recently completed the MLPM course with CPL’s subsidiary, abv Training.

Having already put the skills to good use in her daily role, she said: “The course has definitely been useful for me. I am more informed when out in the trade with area business managers. The profit and loss modules have given me a much higher level of understanding in these areas.

Over the last few weeks I have recruited a new colleague, so the recruitment module has also been put into good practice. I would say that the course would come in useful for anyone in a support role as an enhancement of knowledge beneficial to their current role”

The course consists of five mandatory units, and at least three optional units, which cover a range of topics, including Communication in a Business Environment, Negotiation Skills and Persuasion in the Workplace, Profit, Loss and Budget Control, Profit and Loss in Multiple Retail Premises and Interviewing Skills in Multiple Retail Management. Louise Sui, CPL’s commercial director, said: “Following new legislation affecting pubcos operating 500 or more tied pubs, business and area development managers are now required to undertake appropriate training. The MLPM course fits the bill perfectly for both small and large pubcos. It’s completed over many months of hard work; implementing what they’ve learnt in the classroom into everyday scenarios. It’s a transferrable Level 4 qualification, so it’s a great opportunity to provide a high standard of career development for your employees.”