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Monday, 02 March 2015

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Training with a panoramic view

Monday, 02 March 2015

Article Image 02 March 2015

Our team of trainers are quite used to carrying our training courses in far flung parts of the UK and in unusual settings. From as far north as the Scottish mountains near Inverness to the Southern coastal town of Plymouth in Devon, they experience some of the most unique parts of the British Isles in their quest to deliver licensed training. But it was conducting a training course a little closer to home that gave CPL Training's Steve Moss his most impressive vista of all time

Last month Steve visited one the UK's highest restaurants, Panoramic 34, on the 34th floor of Liverpool's West Tower to deliver the SABMillar sponsored BIIAB Level 1 Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing. Set 300 feet above sea level, with ceiling to floor windows offering breathtaking 360° views, Panoramic 34 offers its customers a fine dining experience in an unforgettable setting.

The free of charge half-day course was delivered to 12 Panoramic employees covering the main points of licensing law, how to recognise the responsibilities associated with the retail sale of alcohol and how to confront any concerns surrounding underage sales or persons who appear drunk. "Panoramic 34 is a business with ethics and our reputation matters", said its general manager David Beaufort-Dysart. "Although it would be rare for our staff to have to deal with someone who was heavily intoxicated, we feel it best that they're prepared for every eventuality."

"We are an extremely busy venue with a 70 seater restaurant and 40 seater bar," he added. "We have up to 400 covers every Saturday and are now fully booked at weekends for months. With such a high volume of traffic, we must ensure we are fully in control and deliver on our responsibility to our guests."

"Ensuring our staff have sufficient product knowledge is of great importance and completing training such as the Award in Responsible Alcohol Retailing is another excellent way for our staff to improve their knowledge", continued David. "We want our staff to be confident in their roles and feel they can handle any eventuality. It's about providing them with the skills, knowledge and tools to deliver."

"I worked for a few years in Australia where Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training is mandatory for all persons involved in the sale or supply of alcohol; and I was recently reflecting on this training and wondering if there was something similar available in the UK. A couple days later, I received a call from CPL Training regarding the ARAR course and immediately signed up to have our FOH team members complete the training in house."

"Liverpool has had a surge of great concepts emerge over the past few years and Panoramic34 would like to encourage others to complete similar training to show that Liverpool is not just a vibrant destination, but we are also a city of responsible traders", concluded David.

"The course is extremely useful and it covers a hugely important topic," said CPL Training Steve Moss. "Understanding the responsibility of selling alcohol and the potential far-reaching implications for both the customer and retailer if licensing law is breached is vital. Businesses like Panoramic 34 who go above and beyond to ensure their employees are equipped with the very best training courses available demonstrate best practice to other licensed retailers.  I found their staff extremely engaged in the subject and showed a mature understanding of the issues. Of course, from my point of view I can honestly say it was the most spectacular setting I've ever delivered a course too!" concluded Steve.