Welcome to the CPL Training frequently asked questions section, this section contains a number of widely asked questions from people looking for help with specific issues. We have tried to give as much detail to the answers to cover any issue you might have, however if you still have something you are not sure about then please contact us and we will endeavour to solve it for you.


What is a Personal Licence?

How old do you need to be to take your Personal Licence Holders exam?

Would a criminal record stop me getting a Personal Licence?

What would stop me from getting a Personal Licence?

Will a drink driving offence stop me from getting my Personal Licence?

Will a caution affect an application for a Personal Licence?

Why do I need a Personal Licence?

Who can hold a Personal Licence?

What do you need to get a pub licence?

Who requires a Personal Licence for the bar trade?

Who issues a Personal Licence?

Who is in charge of granting an alcohol licence?

Who is required to take the SCPLH (Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders)?

Who are the Personal Licence Holders responsible to?

Which disclosure do I need for a Personal License?

Where would I obtain a copy of my Personal License?

Where do you send your Personal Licence holder certificate?

Where do I need to display my Personal Licence?

Where can I sit my NCPLH/SCPLH exam?

Where can I get a Personal Licence?

When was the new Alcohol Licence law brought in?

When doing the level 2 Personal License exam, what questions do they ask?

What's the difference between a Personal and a Premises Licence?

What's the difference between a Personal License and an Occasional License?

What do you learn doing a Personal License course?

What is the cost of the CPL Training personal licence course?

What do you do once you get your Personal Licence certificate?

What are the alcohol licence hours for Christmas day?

Is there a time limit on a Personal Licence?

Food Safety

I run a pub and I need to train just one person in Food Safety. I can't wait until the local college has enough people to put on a course, what should I do?

First Aid

I've heard that there have recently been changes to First Aid training. What do these consist of?


What kind of course is best done face-to-face, and which are more suited to online learning?

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