Programming innovation

2. January 2014 09:21

HTML5 will be the new standardised markup language in the next few years and it is designed to deliver almost everything you want to do online; from animation to apps, music to movies. 

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a system that enables programmers to achieve font, colour, graphic, and hyperlink effects on web pages. The HTML5 working group includes Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and hundreds of other vendors – including CPL Online.

We are upgrading over 35 e-learning courses to HTML5 to make online training even more accessible through your favourite devices! At CPL we strive to expand our business alongside quickly growing technology, which renovates and improves every single day. When the courses are available in HTML5 you will be able to do your training on all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer) as usual but now on any platform you want, including tablet, smartphone and desktop.

The HTML5 e-learning courses will be available in 2014 – so keep your eyes peeled next year for our advanced products!


Growing company, growing technology

23. September 2013 09:47

Voiceovers are integral for CPLe-learning courses, and as the company delves into further advancements with its online products and services CPL Online treated their VO Artists to a state-of-the art sound booth.

The VocalBooth™ was acquired from Dolphin Music, who provide a wide range of acoustic solutions. The VocalBooth™ provides CPL Online with greater sound control and it is the most popular product for any professional recording or sound isolation… and of course, everyone is loving the ‘CPL orange’ acoustic foam interior to match the company branding.

CPL Online is constantly striving to improve their products, and by hosting all product-developing facilities on-site they are able to produce quality services for clients and provide new and exciting roles for the talented people who work with them.


Intranet Service

30. July 2013 09:06

CPL Online started developing e-learning courses in 2008. In the five years that have passed, we have grown into a reputable company, providing online training for a large section of the hospitality industry and other industries besides.

We have expanded from e-learning courses into new services, such as intranet design development to meet the changing demands of a growing customer base.

So, what is an ‘intranet’? An intranet is a unique and interactive data sharing and communication package, which can provide a socially intuitive and engaging website for an entire business.

The intranets we provide are visually stunning; we can create anything you want for your intranet, whether it’s an exact replica of your organisation or another world completely; providing users with an engaging experience that allows them to access data, images, videos and other resources in an entertaining yet informative manner. We achieve this by creating a highly detailed bespoke user interface that retains the user’s interest and aides them when navigating through the system, creating a high-level of interactivity.

Other benefits of the internet service are the sophisticated communication package, which offers multiple forms of contact between users, an easy-access system that is available to users from any internet access point and complete data integration of a company’s interfaces, which to brings all the information a business needs into one central location.

To learn more about the intranet service we provide at CPL Online, please follow the link to our website here. (

The first intranet we ever created was for Stonegate Pub Company, which was launched in October 2012 and is a vibrant, online communal point for the company’s 560 sites across the UK.


CPL charity campaign triumphs again

10. July 2013 04:00

This Sunday six women from the CPL Training Group supported the charity Cancer Research through the UK event ‘Race for Life’.

Race for Life is the second charity campaign CPL has been involved in this year (the last one being Red Nose Day) and it has provided an excellent opportunity for everyone in the company to get involved with the event; whether they were racing or not.

The charity campaigns help to bring everyone together - not just across the Group - but those that work in separate divisions within CPL Online. Events like Race for Life give employees the chance to integrate and create a good working atmosphere. Of course, producing great products like our e-learning courses is something to take pride in, but to see everyone in your company get along with each other is something else.

The campaigns also raise company awareness through social media; our Facebook page has seen over a 300% rise in likes and interactions (e.g. people talking about the page) in the past seven months, and the highest peaks are usually around the same time we upload pictures from charity events.

All in all, I am very proud of the girls. They’ve come together to raise money and awareness for a good cause under the banner of CPL, and I wish them all the best for next year’s Race for Life event.

You can read more about CPL’s involvement in the Race for Life event here:



All systems are GO in Bridge Court

30. May 2013 10:56

As you know,  CPL Online has been expanding across three units now for several months, and everyone is settling in nicely; including all our new starters – welcome James (junior data engineer), Brian (junior web developer) Kristy (junior web developer) and Matt (junior animator).

Now we are coming to the final frontier of the expansion: finishing our original dwelling in the front unit and establishing our digital media team.

The digital media team is to be established by September; their aim is to bring another level of technological advancement within CPL Online. The team will work mainly in the green screen room in Unit 1, were all our company videos will be produced professionally in-house; which will aid towards the development of our current and new e-learning course, plus our online products.

As you can see from this YouTube video clip (please follow the link:, the digital media team will be directing CPL Online into new areas of 3D animation - and we can’t wait to see the results!

To keep updated with the expansion and CPL Online’s activities in general, please follow us on Twitter @cplelearning and like our Facebook page:


The Custom trend

3. May 2013 04:53

There’s a bit of a fashion trend going on at CPL Online at the minute, and it’s called Custom.

Since January 2012 we have provided 50% of our clients with custom consoles, and 30% of those clients also have had custom courses created that cover compliant topics relevant to their company. For example, Stonegate Pub Company worked with us to create their company induction course ‘Albert’s Law’, which prepares new employees before they begin their job at a Stonegate site; ensuring that everyone is safe and legal. But why are companies going bespoke?

Firstly, people don’t want a ‘one size fits all’ approach; they want their product to be extraordinary and individual. By creating something unique, whether it’s a website or indeed an e-learning course, it creates a talking point amongst employees, customers and competitors.

However, the most obvious reason for the Custom trend for us is training related. Training is perceived as a mundane task by most people and by providing a remedy to the boredom companies would not have to worry about pushing their employees into compliancy. Custom consoles and courses not only provide online, interactive training that create a high-quality learning experience, they also emphasise company branding and reaffirm the ethos of our client’s company.

Within all our client’s custom consoles you will find colours, images, logos, plus additional bespoke features such as buttons that are tailored to match their company branding and ensure fluidity throughout marketing. The familiar branding throughout the console ensures employees immediately recognise their training platform and that they associate their company and their online training as a collective entity.

At CPL Online we are committed to supporting the development of learners. Our bespoke e-learning platforms are the most efficient way for companies to train their staff and they are incredibly easy to use; and that’s why half of our clients have opted for the Custom trend.

To learn more about this product, go to:


Expansion Continuation

19. March 2013 11:52

Spring is almost upon us, and the Units are blossoming under the chill March sunshine, which the employees of CPL Online peek at through their new vertical blinds - like baby lambs anticipating the first shoots of grass.

Everyone at CPL Online has now settled in Unit 2 since the move; however the builders have now entered their final phase of the expansion: the fitting of Unit 1. Hammering, sawing and general smashing rebounds noisily through Bridge Court, disturbing the peace. But the Online team are dealing with the disturbance very well, for they know in the next month or so the expansion project will be finished, thus benefiting the company massively by providing more creative space and exciting new features.

The cafeteria (aka “Dash ‘n’ Dine”) that is part of Unit 2 will be extended into Unit 1, making it twice as big. A green screen is also expected to occupy Unit 1, were all our company videos will be produced professionally in-house. The Front Unit that we originally occupied is being re-furbished along with Unit 1 to be our client-facing building, which will contain a theatre where our online products and services can be demonstrated to clients.

To keep updated with the expansion and CPL Online’s activities in general, please follow us on Twitter @cplelearning and like our Facebook page:


We have launched a sophisticated new website!

28. February 2013 08:59

Vibrant and interactive, the new site promotes CPL Online’s new services and products, including website design and development, database design, web service development, software design and development, and mobile application development. We also offer new products such as the Appraisals System and Intranet Service, which we are providing along with our well-established LMS the Hub.

Developed by the in-house designers, copywriters and programmers, the site boasts a refined colour scheme and understated layout, enhancing the ease of navigation when browsing through the site. It is the various teams’ positive and creative attitudes at our expanding company that have helped Online to grow for the past four years, providing clients with bespoke working solutions to achieve their business goals, and now leading to our new website’s launch.

The Online website was a necessary step for us to take to reflect our current business growth. CPL Online, formally known as CPLe-learning, began as an online course provider but has naturally progressed to building more software products due to the demands of our clients. Now, the CPLe-learning website will be used purely for the e-learning courses and is currently being renovated to match up to the new website’s standards. is cutting-edge, invigorating, and clearly demonstrates what we can do as a company; as an up-and-coming business we hope the website is a proactive move towards securing even more corporate clients.

Visit our new website here:

CPL Online are eager to know what people think of the new website. Mention them via Twitter @cplelearning using the hashtag #CPLOnline or leave a comment on their Facebook page:


CPL Online are wearing the Red Nose!

15. February 2013 12:02

This year we are supporting Comic Relief by raising money and awareness for the major UK charity.

Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK, whose mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment. Since 1985, Comic Relief has raised over £800,000,000; this money has been used to tackle poverty and social injustice in the UK, Africa and some of the world’s poorest countries. Red Nose Day was created in 1988 as part of the Comic Relief campaign. Its creation brought comedy and charity together like never before on live national TV.

I feel strongly about supporting charity, especially Comic Relief, which has done so much already over the past 28 years. So, on the 15th March, all CPL Online employees will be arriving to work in their ultimate Friday casual wear – their pyjamas!
By having our pyjama party we intend to achieve (and hope to exceed) our goal of raising £100 on Red Nose Day. So tell your friends, your family, and your colleagues to support The On-lie-ins by sponsoring our Red Nose Day page here:

Thank you.


The Expansion has begun!

15. January 2013 11:41

On Monday 14th January, the teams at CPL Online finished moving their belongings across and up to Unit 3: the new, enormous working space.

Ritchie Lam, our IT Support Engineer, has been working flat out along with Antony Millar, the CPL Training Group’s IT Director, to get the server and everyone’s computers and telephones set up in time. They won’t just be setting up Unit 3 however; in February we will also be taking over Unit 2 and Unit 1 is being refurbished, so there is no time for rest for Ritch and Ant!

Unit 3 is not only provides more working space but it also offers to our employees a chill-out area where everyone can relax, have their lunch and even have Xbox sessions. The plan for Unit 2 is for it to contain rooms for managers and creative areas, and we are installing a theatre in Unit 1 where our e-learning courses and online services will be presented to customers.

So, why are we expanding? The main reason is due to our clients: we have seen such levels of success in our target market place that we have begun to adapt the same approach for the larger corporate market, and we have received a fantastic response. The demand has spurred our company’s growth; big businesses are incredibly engaged with training and can instantly recognise the benefits of delivering engaging, interactive and bespoke online training to their employees.

Because of the demands from our corporate clients, we will have to hire more staff throughout 2013 to ensure that we meet our client’s goals. I believe there is a wealth of young, creative people in the design, animation and programming sectors that are in the Merseyside region; and I want them to be part of our business to give them the chance to grow, develop, learn and innovate.

The expansion project will be finished come April, which sounds like a long way off but I’m certain the Easter period will come around quick along with the finalisation of our building’s development.

If you want to watch CPL Online’s progression, check out our Facebook: and Twitter: @cplelearning.


About the author

David Dasher

David is Managing Director of CPL Online, part of the CPL Training Group. CPL Online is involved in software development as well as the revolutionary e-learning platform.

With over 19 years experience within the IT sector David has worked extensively across the corporate sector developing database, marketing and management solutions.

His instrumental part in the development of our e-learning platform has helped to make it as successful as it is, with more and more companies choosing our e-learning over competitors for its use of technology, accessibility, bespoke options and a wealth of other features to assist companies in their training.

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