Concepts That Could Help Save Lives

10. June 2013 13:13

Paramedics, doctors and nurses do an amazing job every day by saving lives, but they need help to do it. There are many concepts out there now that will aid people in their delivery of first aid, and this article covers several concepts that could potentially help to save a life.

Social Media is a burgeoning concept. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have connected millions of people all around the world, and one use of social media is getting a message out there if a person is missing or in distress. One message from that person can be quicker than an emergency call.

Another concept is OnStar, which notifies drivers of an imminent collision and makes an automatic call to an emergency operator if your airbags have been deployed; it also pinpoints your location using GPS.

Safety on the road is another concern. Huge trucks can be a problem for people driving cars, especially if they want to overtake them. In Russia, there is a ‘Transparent Truck’ concept has been developed where there is a live camera feed that is on the front of the truck and the feed is projected onto the back so that drivers can see what is on the front of the truck.

There is a concept being developed known as the Smart Aid drone, which consists of a smart phone app, an unmanned aerial vehicle and an advanced first aid kit. The idea is that the person in distress sends out a signal to the drone, which then flies to their position and administers first aid.

Similar to the Smart Aid Drone, a conceptual air ambulance known as ‘Skyway’ has been developed. Unlike normal air ambulance helicopters, Skyway uses ducted fans as a way of generating a lift. This enables it to land much closer than a helicopter to a patient. It is also extremely fast, responding to calls in 60 seconds.

Advanced CPR training is critical in helping save lives. There are a number of Smart Phone apps that talk the person through how to administer CPR. There is also another drone that acts as a lifeguard; if a person is in distress too far out in the ocean, this conceptual drone will fly out and lower vital floatation aids until a manned lifeboat or helicopter can be assured.


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